Logo getting rejected - someone know why?

Hey guys,
my logo is still getting hard rejected. You know why? Do you have suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

hi you have several issues to fix indeed.

1- the typo is too flat
you need more font combination and originality

2- lack of harmony
you must create harmony between illustration and name + tagline

3- positioning of the text and illustration
as for me , professionally i learnt that illustration and text of a logo should kind of imbricate indeed and the kind of rays u have here are preventing it in a way

4- uneven parts of the splash
most of the pieces of the splash are ok though some look uneven and a bit strange in a way. plus some part of the splash are a bit small, they look not too visible in a very small size (they consider the logo in very small size here as for i know)

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Hey thanks for your answer. I have couple of rejected logos. I am sure that your issues are correct.

But I have another problem, maybe they always get rejected because of that? I always export a .ai CS6 and .eps 10, but when reopening the EPS the text is not editable. Is it possible that also is a problem?

LOL do not worry , this is what happens to all guys as none of the whole of us have so very old versions like this … besides, despite they demand it, as for me this is not useful and i dare say that i am almost sure that no one really uses this …

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