Logo font

After we write the name of our logo with a font should we expand letters of the name or just let it be?

Is your logo just a word written in a clever font choice?


It is the name written under my logo

I have used a free font and it gives me these kinds of msgs while i want to save my logo

hi buddy no u have to keep it editable, unless this is reducing the marketability of it … if people cannot edit the name and replace by theirs because u turned the font in a vector , it will be a bit more difficult for them, as such at least they know directly what is the font, if this is missing and they need to incorporate it or not and this is easier to edit the name

Thanks alot, can i have your email in order to gain more knowledge about making logos

i am ok to share with u but quite frankly i do not consider myself as a logo expert … a couple of mine have been accepted but most of them were hard rejected despite i think that they were really interesting …

oh yeah , i may recommend u to address experts like Opaq (Dany), he may really give u much of a clue about anything related to logos as he is an expert in logo, an elite author and has a well developed logo portfolio here …