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hi buddy blllllll I do not know what to say … the bottom line is that this does not look much like a logo template , I mean maybe if u could and te right customer the thing could look like a custom logo but this is not really matching expectations and so on when it comes to a template. First of all, the whole parts do not look aligned , also due to the illustration itself , I do not know why u try to focus on shapes like this which turn out to “shoot u a bullet in the foot” right form the beginning. Or if u really want to keep such a profile illustration, give it a different angle but makes sure that the logo does not give people the feeling of misalignment indeed …after that , really pay attention about the execution … in some areas the logo and curves looks uneven and this is really having a negative impact visually speaking, this makes the illustration look more amateurish. I am also afraid that for purposes of a template the stroke is indeed a bit small as regard to the fact that logos are considered in small size here. There seems to an issue with the proportions all parts the illustration prevailing a lot al the same and the tagline being almost invisible though the preview is not in real small size. Finally but not least, once again the typo is very basic and definitely flat especially for GR … here the main concern is typo in most of the categories and is at the very minimum one of the prevailing things being considered and this far to be honest there is nothing too much in what u have … no variations, no font combos, no touches of originality, to sum up nothing generating relief in the end …