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hi this is really too simple, there is no additional value. The logo can be redone in a few minutes and this definitely pays a toll on the commercial potential the item, for a buyer to be willing to buy u have to either make them feel like that they will save some time out of buying or that out of buying they will get some graphic design product that will be beyond their personal skills graphic design wise. the problem is that none are true in this case and I believe that u can identify that if the reviewer sees the item as having a very limited or close to commercial potential he or she will not be likely to accept the file … by the way there is always a big issue with a basic design principle here , that is to say contrast … violating such a principle is in no way a good idea but messing with this one in particular was pretty bad idea since this gets u confronted with additional trouble in a snowball effect as u are also directly , as consequence,with readability and hierarchy issue in the process. The imbrication of both text and illustration could be improved too. I would also highly recommend that u pay a special effort as far as preview file goes, try to use a mockup or something so that this “interface” between u and your work and the reviewer and potential buyer is “selling” rathe than flattening a bit more your work like this