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Hi Akshayraj,
Concept is not bad.
if I had to give you some advice, I probably would have avoided the circular shape, and would have made the lines more visible. Maybe I would have made the tagline narrower (and centered), as well as making it more visible (more contrast).
However, it is not at all bad as a concept. Keep it up.

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hi this is rather cool and I rather like it to be honest with u. the problem is that I rather see a custom logo here rather than a template if u know what I mean. Logo template have specific needs indeed. they have to be adapted to marketplace customer needs and to marketplace rules if u wish. Here the major problem is the following , the logo is a bit too detailed and so on details will not be super visible in small size when people are going to evaluate the concerned logo in small size, this is taken for granted. The second major thing is that the content in the middle of the black ellipse is quite thin, too thin if u ask me. This is thus lacking impact and sort fo rather too unobtrusive if u ask me. Look, after all, what are possible buyers looking for , this is to have their brand visible, outstanding and thus being remembered . if u give it so very little impact u sort of miss the target in a way. The final really major issue that I see here is that I do no really understand the link between leaves and the supposed theme os the logo , in other words, cosmetics. For me , this is not super coherent and I am afraid that part of the purchasing base that u are expecting to address to will indeed fail to analyze that u do and that u end up missing the mark, period … for an item to work well, especially in a marketplace working on niches, u need to make sure that people u are “aiming at” will turn out to understand that u do. Otherwise , as a sideway issues believe that u can improve the imbrication of the logo , it just takes u to slightly draw the illustration and text part a bit closer from each other to contribute to reconnect both parts, so to speak

mmmm … yeah this is sort of a solution but does it fix it all? I am not sure this will not improve anything too much when it comes to impact and the stroke of the illustration part will remain sort of too thin anyways so that the logo is given the right exposure, impact and attention , not to mention that - as this is possible to see when he did what u told him to do - the concerned shape is given a less contrasted environment and the former environment helped to make the logo pop out …

Yes, you are absolutely right. I made this logo from a fake brief logo challange for a cosmetics brand who makes vegan product so i add leaves and tried to make it an elegant logo rather than thinking about how many sales logo will get.

it’s not only about how many sales but also adapting to diverse purposes

Not bad. Lines logos are probably among the most difficult to make, just because they seem simple, in reality they require a lot of precision, and at small size they can create visibility problems, that’s why I told you to emphasize the lines. Take a look at these examples which are in style with your, and you will understand what I mean

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