Logo feedback

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Hi Akshayraj13,

Pay attention in details, or you can expect lazy or no feedback: “SYSYTEM”

Your logo is flat and way simple, this is a M with a crown, reviewers are currently looking by more complex and prime items. Go to Graphic River and check recent logo approvals:

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Sorry for making spelling mistake. This logo is for real estate who provides luxury offices, there is a suite and a crown in bold ‘M’.

why this logo is different? generally asking…

Still too simple and disconnected from typography.

hi this is hard to deal with all the logos at the same time and i would rather recommend posting one by one in separated posts indeed. Anyway, there is a lot of common features to underline to let u know what is wrong with this and what is the focus that u should have to bring something more interesting to the table indeed. These logos, not matter what are globally definitely lacking concept , putting a crown on top of a m is not a concept , this does not necessarily makes sense by the way unless u come up with a coherent global presentation , in other words have something coherent graphically , and appropriate name and something making sense color wise, too. there is a whole lot of disconnection between the m, its color and the crown, the black text and everything , in short , this looks like that u have been pasting elements right next to each other and call this a logo rather than composing one so to speak … u need to generate sense and harmony , the thing must look like being a part of a whole , not a collection of elements put to on two together if u wish. I addition, let’s face it , for a buyer to buy they need mainly one or two ingredients that they can feel like saving some time ouf to buying or that they feel like there is a possibility for them to offer something that goes beyond their personal designs skills that they can offer out of buying rather than doing by themselves … here none is possible … this is too flat and redoing the thing does not take real graphic design skills or app expertise … and why would a reviewer accept such an item , seen as having very little potential? besides, the double m does not make sense if the name is “sysystem” if u know what i mean, not to mention that doubling things like this just contributes to lower the commercial potential of the item since only companies and so on having a double m may feel interested in the item … this is a really bad idea to have too close - and thus not contrasting enough - colors unless u play with shades of colors since this is offering no contrast so , in the meanwhile , less impact and close to no punch in the end … the misspelling makes the item look unprofessional and impact negatively the feeling that people have about your work and item. Globally the typo is also far from impressive , especially for here where standards are pretty high about it … typo is in all case at least rather disconnected from the illustration parts , if not really completely like what happens with the “sendoxx” logo. The last “mellow” logo is far better than the rest but keeps lacking originality and having a global guideline and the imbrication between text and illustration parts is not done properly at the stage, but this is easy to fix …