Logo Feedback. Who my logo rejected? Please help

Good days. i add 3 logo to graphicriver. but hard rejected. please help me with last logo design. why rejected?

hi this maybe interesting a concept I guess but the fact of the matter is that what u have here is way too compact so that it looks not only bulky visually speaking - and thus lacking finesse and breathing - but this is also looking too detailed for a logo template , and well as this is also flattening the concept and making it more difficult to understand , if u ask me. in addition, u have a complete disconnection between the illustration part and the text one as far as colors, style and disposition goes. the fact of the matter is that the imbrication of both part could be really improved and that the spacing between different parts is not equal , which impacts the logo negatively visually speaking. U also need to make sure that among color variation that u offer u have only “selling ones” , some are not necessarily super attractive and this is not serving your purposed in the end, not only as far as reviewing goes but also when it comes to reaching your purchasing base