Logo feedback before uploading on envato

hi buddy, well I am sorry to say just this but there is a lot of things that need to be improved, changed and on so … The fact of the matter is that , at this stage, to tell u the ugly truth (in advance, sorry for this), what u have is a very common logo without a real concept and a logo that can be reproduced in a few minutes by anyone far from having incredible skills or app using knowledge. there is thus a limited commercial potential for this item, needless to say , as why choosing to buy an item with basically no extra value , not enabling u to save significant time or allowing u to offer better designing skills? in the same logics, why would a reviewer accept a product with an identified very limited commercial potential in the first place? Furthermore, to tell u honestly how I feel, the typo part is really super basic, common and flat and is far away from the high expectations that people have here in terms of typo, having variations, combining fonts and offering possibility at least a touch of originality. There is an issue with the proportion of named tagline and the decoration of the tagline making it quite difficult to read indeed. Finally, from where I sit, the shapes making a “s-letter” in the end do not look perfectly executed , according to me

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