Logo feedback before uploading on envato

I’m sure this will be a rejection.

  1. The icon is misleading and hard to understand.
  2. Typography is disconnected and doesn’t support the icon and concept
  3. You have issues with alignments.

hi buddy sorry to say just this but I have no idea of what this is supposed to be all about in terms of concept and at the same time of whom this is actually addressing to … I guess but I am really not sure that this is a chicken related theme but honestly it took me a good while to come to this conclusion so to speak … Otherwise, once again , I believe that there is a good gap between the very rounded typo and the far less illustration and what’s in my mind is that there should have been much better illustration - typo combinations to do indeed. Besides, once again there is also a discrepancy between the color of text and the illustration and what I can say is that depending on which we are considering first , we can say that the other one is coming completely out of the blue … the alignment and spacing not great in the hoprizontal version, if u ask me

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