Logo feedback before uploading on envato

hi for me there are two main problems here. First of all the logo is basically rather simple to say the least and could be redone without taking significant time or without having really amazing skills , which decreases the commercial potential of the item. Then, for me I cannot say that the link between both part looks pretty obvious , I tend to believe that u may have had one of the two parts a bit more in “similar styles”. Otherwise, the concept keeps a bit common and u have an issue about the imbrication of both parts that turns out to increase the feeling of disconnection that there maybe between illustration and text parts

Sorry, but i didn’t understand. Are you talking about the wings? And should i change this whole to more illustative? And should i change the name to ‘CORPORATE’ ?

no I am talking about selecting a typo more in keeping with the style of your illustration and where did u read this thing about “corporate” ? I am curious to know …

and? I am sorry to tell just this but these u are showing are far better in my view