Logo Eexclusivity disappears

July has started with a strange surprise.
Decrease in my earnings per track.
After doing my tests, I discovered that my exclusive author’s logo had disappeared on my profile.
The funny thing is that I did not do such a thing …
Anyone else has happened?

I have returned to the erxlucisividad but my logo still does not appear, this is normal?

I can see you exclusivity logo right on its place.

Yes, but I had to manually change the exclusive author and refresh the page.
At the moment I lost about $ 6 from my first sale in July.

Wow, that sucks! Things are hard enough already to have to deal with that.

Never happened to me. Did you wrote support to check what could have happened?


Hello WormwoodMusic!

Totally agree.
Luckily, this time I immediately realized that and changed back to exclusive, but the truth is that I find it absolutely absurd and disconcerting.
I have not written any tickets.
I am working on a particular production at a frenetic pace because I want to go on vacation hahaha and I did not have time to lose.
However, I will be aware that this does not happen again.
Thank you very much for the feedback

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