Logo Design Template Was Rejected


My logo design was hard rejected.


Please, guide me on… good and bad in it. Your feedback would help me in future uploads.

Thank you!
Sunil Christian.

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hi this is sad if u ask me as u have a cool logo here but honestly you messed things top very badly just out of choosing the wrong colors so that u are ultimately confronted with a maelstrom of different troubles … if I were u I would think about complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same colors, they are usually safer choices rot make sure that u do not ruin your work with bad color combinations. The problem is that that the concerned colors messed all … they are not valuing your work in the first place as the logo is not outstanding and hardly pops out from the background … the contrats is not big enough between colors so that this flattens the hierarchy and gives less impact , attention and so on to your work. The choice of colors also makes your logo less readable , as well. The small thing otherwise is that in the horizontal version u should better choose a real motto, even a fake one, who cares after all … if u put only “name” like this, the logos looks misbalanced , this is too bad

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Pay attentions to negative space. Now it looks like some kidney or sausages

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Thanks, mates, for your valuable feedback! Surely, your advice would be helpful in my future designs.

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LOL I would rather say sausages on a stick a bit ut I clearly see a crown all the same