Logo Design Rejected - What is the proper process?

This is my first upload

I uploaded the AI and EPS file in CS format with a description. My main.zip file have 3 files and 1 folder.

  1. Ai
  2. EPS
  3. text file with details
  4. Fonts folder

I added the fonts folder and put the fonts i used to create this logo in it. Also I created another text file inside the fonts folder where you can find the download links of those fonts.

after than in another .zip file, I upload the preview images.

Can anyone tell me what is my error of upload? Graphicriver rejected my uploads.

Looking forward to experts.

It’s good but u have to change the colors, font and you can not obligate people to name their companies “YCF”. Check out the latest added logos in GR.
Useful reading: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202501504-Logo-Templates-Submission-Requirements

Good luck next time :slight_smile:

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