Logo correction

hi this version is more orignal and globally better though u failed to consider some of the thing that i previously told u and the fact of the matter is that this would have taken your item to the next level if u had done …
for instance i pointed at the fact that both of your parts looked disconnected visually speaking, especially to font and differing colors, this logo is being having the same downsides indeed … pls find a better font to use with the illustration part … once again i will advice u also to introduce a tagline as well as variations , font combinations and possible touches of originality typo wise …this will help u generate some relief ultimately …
talking about relief, the illustration part is cool if u ask me but could have turned even better if u had chosen to bring some relief and or effect on the concerned part … pls see the file
ut of course u will have to fix typo and font color issues in any event …


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Thank you ! I will make a new topic with colors, font and tagline veriations👍

i do not get it! why?

Different colors with diffrent types. And i used same type of tiltle and tagline for all.

hi i am sorry but i see close to no difference at all with what u used to do beforehand, i could take my whole comment and repost here but the fact of introducing the tagline … the style is still flat and lacking relief … some colors variations are still lacking contrast, the imbrication between both illustration and text part is still not good and so on and so forth

It looks really nice. Like you work.

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Glad you liked my work ! I am going to upload this, and i need some suggestions. Will it approve ?

The text is definitely off-center, other than that I think some heavier font would be better.


Looks much better. Though spacing within the icon seems to be off. I posted an image below where I tried to show you what I mean. The width of each bar is identical, but you can see that they don’t all fit within each space showing that the spacing isn’t the same. I would keep the spacing the same throughout the whole thing.

It also looks like the whole logo is slightly tilted on an angle to the right.

this is what i told him before he reposted but no difference …

this is what i told him beforehand, too

I did some methematical balance.

You told me to change font and colors not spacing correction.

the tagline color is not good this is invisible

I used the same size and colour of recent approved logo.

lol so for u , to have a grey text on a dark orange background is ok? this is either readable , contrasting and outstanding ? as a reminder, contrast is a basic design principle and this, alone, could have u getting your logo rejected , especially as contrast automatically has an impact on readability and hierarchy of information