Logo coffee design

With respect, but this is not a logo, it is also far from the standards of the market. The mug looks like it was just processed in photoshop. I recommend that you review the latest approved works on GR or works that may inspire you. Unfortunately, the logo category is very rich and the quality standards in this category are very high.

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hi u are so very far fron standards that this is hard to tell u all that u failed to do at this stage … as for me i see nothing positive to underline, sorry for this … the illustration was apparently made with the automatic vector making tool of illustator and does not look good because of this as not smooth … u should u the eraser to smoothen it , at least … the illustration and text are separated and look disconnected completely from each other not to mention that the tagline is lacking and that the typo is basic, not original , not having any variation or font combination and as regard to the effort demanded in terms of typo here, as such , u do not stand a chnace to potentially have a logo approved here , especially in such a category as this one which is one of the hardest ones …