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I read this help center article to understand why and how elements are rejected. The reason is not indicated, specifically, what does not correspond? In order not to repeat in the future, what is not allowed by the marketplace envato.

Not sure what the BMW logo has to do with anything, but rejections are completely subjective, there isn’t really any specific playbook to go by which stop your item from being rejected, besides creating high quality, original, marketable items of course.

You cannot use a trademark as part of your item for obvious reasons

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@ XioxGraphix @ charlie4282 thnx!

hi in the first first place, u cannot use a trademark, as rightfully mentioned by @charlie4282 , then let’s face it … the thing would have had close to no commercial interest whatsoever - sorry to say just this but this is the ugly truth - since there is not a way a luxury brand would have used such effects on their logo and , even if the thing was meant to be edited and used by other brands, , they would not like a thing that looks the same as bmw but not as good and classy looking and that they would have trouble to edit , too … besides, the presentation is not selling … this is too dark, in many cultures, the black is not so loved, yes this is very often referring to luxury things, though, the background that u are proving people to see is not well executed enough to arise this sort of feeling, not to mention that it does properly not value the logo … finally, look, the thing looks more or less like putting a texture and color adjustment in a simple shape and , in my view, there would close to no-one to pay the price of a logo for such a simple thing …

@ n2n44 You and I have very different views on design in general. Your portfolio doesn’t impress me. Thank you, I have different values. As for the trademark, that’s very clear. And everything else is subjective. :brain: :eye:

If your BMW doesn’t work try with Mercedes next time! You have 6 months to create next one.

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