Logo always getting HARD REJECTED !

Hi everyone, I have a question that might be asked for millions of times already, but I have never find anything that can help me understand what is standard for uploading a logo to a GRAPHICRIVER. I was following the instructions from ENVATO even naming and grouping layers in illustrator like a “maniac”, looking for open spots (didn’t found any), putting a real hard work in everything so it fits envato needs and the answer is always “HARD REJECTED” and that the quality of the files are too far from ENVATOS standards. To be clear I don’t think I am new Picaso of graphic design, but when I upload anything other in GRAPHICRIVER there is no problem always approved (posters, flyers, cd covers). I was researching other users and found many great designs, got my favorites and some that I think are not so great but they are still online, and I can’t get any of my logo designs approved. Here are some of my logos and I would really appreciate if someone could give me some creative suggestion for creating logo designs for ENVATO and what is wrong that I’m doing. Thanks in advance, Badkidd.

While I like the second logo, I don’t quite like the first and the last one. I wouldn’t use the first one because it doesn’t look like a logo to me (the graphic). It’s more of a 3d shape for me, the only thing that helps me to see it is a logo are the fonts.
The last one looks kinda unfinished and I wouldn’t know where to use it. Also I see that some fonts don’t match each other.

Like I said - the second logo looks nice (at least for me), but the rest doesn’t.

See what gets accepted and don’t get upset, because the logo category is crowded and sometimes even good designs get rejected. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi thanx for your feedback. Like I said these are some of the logos, didn’t upload everything :slight_smile: . I have been researching a lot of stuff maybe over/researched but can’t find what is exact stuff that Envato likes. Thanx again for your feedback it helps a lot. BR