Login script,i don't find something for my need's

hi there, I want a login script for client photo gallery where every client use his code/pass to acces the gallery.
the perfect script is: Login screen->Add user->set pass->add redirect link (the link is protected/this link is hidden) If i use back end or phpmyadmin to add user is not a problem.
So many complicated script’s and user management system’s and i don’t find what i need.
Login screen->user log in-> protected redirect link.

tx Adrian

I can help you.
But we need to make custom script.
Please let me know.

Best Regards.

If the link to gallery is downloadable zip you can use WP FSAM

hi, Bloodydeveloper
Helping just me is not a solution.We are a community where every photographer want to host client gallery’s for his client’s.Every photographer has a website,so is no reason to buy with fee/mo a dedicated online client gallery
like : PIXIESET;ShootProof; PASS etc.
We want a login script for our clints,a secure script.
If you can do a script for our need’s,do one and sell it on envato.