Login not possible

I’ve got an Envato account for years. Now I’ve wanted to login to my account with my username and password to re-check some updated downloads (WP themes). But the login form doesn’t let me login. It just says “Your account is connected to a Google account” - but if using the offered login via Google, there’s a new account created! It’s not my old and original account containing all my downloads. How can I connect to my original account? Obviously, username + password alone is not working although neither username nor password has been changed.

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Hi Masikasipa,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Help and Support. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

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Actually, I still got no help but support tickets were marked as “resolved” without a solution. I still cannot login to my account. I’m starting another support ticket, but that’s really, really poor “support” until now.