Logic Pro X Upgrade


Finally thinking about upgrading to Logic Pro X.

Got some questions for you seasoned users:

  1. Other than re-learning the interface, and not being able to use 32-bit plugins, are there any downsides to upgrading from 9 to X?

  2. How will the content be downloaded if I already have Logic Pro 9? Will it pull from the existing content, or will it re-dowload the additional 50GB of contact, essentially taking up double the space? Hard drive space is limited here as I am still on a 2010 Macbook Pro.

  3. Any words of advice/pitfalls to lookout for, as I transition?

Thanks you guys!


I’ve been pretty happy after the upgrade - but I would also check around the forums regarding any issues relevant to the OS you’re using - I’m using Mavericks and it’s been performing very well. It should install as a completely separate program from Logic 9 - but you’ll be able to convert old Logic 9 projects and continue them in Logic X. I haven’t downloaded all of the extras, but I believe Logic X comes with some new libraries, apple loops, etc… - X also has a completely different look to it - I’d recommend the upgrade, provided you find positive feedback relevant to your OS. - Good luck!


Thanks for the info! I’m using Mavericks as well (10.9.5). Don’t really want to switch to El Capitan unless I have to.


You get Alchemy now. It is absolutely worth it. Took me a couple of days to get used to new interface but its worth it.


iMac 27, El Capitan, Logic X 10.2.All works perfectly!Dont stop guys!


The Alchemy upgrade was what pushed me over the edge. Plus I’ve been using Garageband for the Drum Designer feature, and it’s been a pain (and time consuming) going back and forth.


didn’t like X in the beginning. made the switch finally this past year and never looked back. working great on Yosemite.


Yeah I feel like I’m going to have a similar reaction. We’ll see!