Logging in to Envato continues to be a pain for developers with clients. Why?

I continue to look like an unprofessional idiot when trying to help clients who have Envato accounts.
Helping them with Google, Bing, Adwords, WordPress, Servers and Hosting, Email, Domains, and the 100 other things that we help people with, on 100 different accounts…no problem.

I’m having a hard time understanding why the verification code needs to expire so quickly. Many times I have to go through the process 2, 3 or 10 times instructing the client to please standby and forward the email immediately which can take anywhere from a few minutes to all damn day and multiple, MULTIPLE attempts.

It’s as if Envato is intentionally not listening to us. The responses to this issue of having the client purchase in their name, or download the files and send to you are not realistic in the actual world. If they were this capable, they wouldn’t need us to do it.

I also understand the whole “you shouldn’t give your password to anyone” schtick, but again we are in the real world. As developers we have to access various client accounts. This is just the way it is. Reality. Again, if they knew how to use their accounts and the things in them, they wouldn’t need us.

We don’t always have the luxury of only having clients with accounts that we’ve set up for them. Many times things like Envato accounts are already set up and we have to access it to get things like API codes and theme updates in order to help them. This is almost impossible to do now.

So my beef, as it has been for over a year now, is…considering that this site sells MAINLY to developers and NOT the average person, that you could please listen to us and not make it almost impossible for us to help our customers with YOUR products.

All I’m asking is that the verification code not expire almost immediately to give us time to get the damn thing and put it in. That’s all.

Or maybe allow some kind of way for customers to invite their developers to access their accounts.

Is that really so difficult? Developers are your market. How about a little help to make it easy for us and our clients to do business with you?


I agree. The envato login SUCKS!