Log in problems


I have been able to log in to only one Envato site: the Audio Jungle. When I try to go to another site I am asked to log in again. If I try to use the same password I am told I cannot use it. Do I need a different password for each site? I used to be able to log into the main site and go to each of the segments. Are these sites now separate or are they still linked?


That’s strange. We have a single sign on for all the sites. I would recommend open a Help Ticket with Envato Help and Support.


Hello ! It’s strange ! Can you help me ? I bought a new pack yesterday and i can t to dowload ! An error message appears :frowning:


Please open a Help Ticket using the link above. They’ll be happy to assist. Thanks!


Hi. Just a friendly reminder. Please try not to hijack other’s topics. It gets confusing. It’s better to start your own.