Locking out of the account while the purchased item not delivered and Visa cart information still in

I have been locked out of my account right after I made a purchase from your site. The money has been deducted from my visa card, and i have no access to the item I purchased.
I have opened a ticket with no clear answer but just we regrettably will not be re-enabling your account…
What is this funny attitude?! You cannot charge the customer and lock him out with no delivery!!! I am waiting for a quick refund or bear the legal actions soon.


If you were locked out immediately after making a purchase, then it was automatically refunded. It will just take some time to propagate back to your bank account. If you don’t see it after a week or so, contact your bank or follow up with your ticket – nobody on these forums can help.

Thank you for the reply. They d better resolve it or bear the consequences. Never experienced such improfessional act from a well-known site before