(Locked) This theme is ripped from our work

A new item is a blatant rip off our theme. Here is their screenshot:
[link removed]

and here is ours:
[link removed]

The header, colors, and check out the quote post type styling :smiley:

[link removed]

and ours:
[link removed]

the list goes on…

So contact Envato support and prove it’s a rip… you know very well it’s of no use bitching about this here.

Circular portfolio: are you the copyright owner of circular shapes? I mean… seriously?

Is that image created by you?

Really don’t see how a circle can be copying

Hover over the image, same style. Anyways, thats even their screenshot.

Mate, I am sorry to say but it’s nonsense. I don’t see any actual ripping off anything. It’s called the risk of designing multipurpose generic themes. You and the other author alike are using design concepts widely available these days and if I go back before your theme was released, I’m sure I can find some circle portfolios that I could accuse you of “ripping off”.

To me it doesn’t look like a rip. Just a usage of the “same-old, same-old”.

PS: Also not really sure the “name calling” is okay on forums. You should have taken this up with Envato Support.

The second one;

Theirs is less opaque

Has 3 button

Are square with rounded edges

Different Icons

Capital Text

A tag line

Its funny, because your theme ‘Bouncy’ had ripped off code from other theme and was removed from the themeforest

crossroad said

Its funny, because your theme ‘Bouncy’ had ripped off code from other theme and was removed from the themeforest

Exactly the reason why I am reporting this. If ours was a rip off, theirs is too. PS: Ours was not due to design, but shortcode generator PHP code. Totally different cases.

User Q: "Your template already was on themeforest right? But it was delted … may I ask why it was deleted on themeforest?"

Your A: “Yes thats correct, the design was similar to another theme.”!

So after you rip the design of someone else, you get your theme deleted from TF, and now you open a thread because you’ve seen a good theme in TF, that use circle style for the portfolio :slight_smile: just amazing!

PS: Is the new wp theme with more than 100 sales.

Lol :smiley:

You’ve ripped Salient and they’ve ripped you. Someone else will rip him and the circle will continue for ever!

Create something original and stop complaining.

I’ve seen the twitter, but I see a lot of different between the both themes.

The first thing, the circle style is from http://tympanus.net from a tutorial, so is not a rip if we are talking about the circles.

Sorry about the other comment, I haven’t seen this link : http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/wordpress-gpl-and-themeforest/101337 sorry for that, cheers :slight_smile:

Please read through this Knowledgbase article for all the information on copyright. As our forum rules don’t allow for calling out other authors or items, I’m going to have to lock this thread down. Thanks!