(Locked) Refund Policy?


I firmly believe that if a marketplace item is broken, the author should update the item immediately or the item should be disabled and customers entitled to a refund. I’m pretty sure this is Envato’s stance as well, and because of this, was just trying to shed some light as to why giving refunds may not be an exact science.

Buying on the marketplaces isn’t an exact science either. As someone who has a lot of experience in that department, I can tell you that you win some and you lose some, but the overwhelmingly majority of the time, you win.

Does anyone know how to get a refund? I bought Protein theme. I am no expert, but I assumed the theme should work in it’s basic original form. I could not even upload pictures! I got messages like “fake path”, “cheating, ug?” and all sorts of things. I have asked for help and waited patiently for advice. In a meantime I got an email from WordPress that the coding in Protein is unsafe and puts my website in danger and I need to remove the malicious software. I have passed this info to the designer and the only thing I got back is the message: “I do not understand, send screen shots” and nothing since then. I have bought another theme, which works like a dream. Can anyone advice me what to do?

I would like a refund for my purchase too. I’ve had nothing but trouble with the premium theme I purchased, and the author’s advice to rectify the problems has crippled my website. I’ve had to use Filezilla to remove the theme from my server just to be able to login to wordpress.org. I’ve wasted so much time trying to make things work, whilst my business advertisements show a website link no one can use. It appears the refund policy is to issue credit to your ThemeForest account.

Please open up a ticket with Support. Thanks!

As that’s the only way to get a refund request looked at, I’m going to lock this thread down now.