Locked out of my account im new user

I really need an answer i was trying to deposit $100 into my envato account that i just opened , i typed my credit card details to payment option i pressed pay button and a new page came up saying that i’m looked out of my account … i’am really wondering have i been charged from my card ??? no response from support or social media messages … HELP PLEASEEE

If your account is locked, more likely there’d not be transaction but to make sue you can check your bank account (history) Would be faster

This is a common problem, and I usually hear that Envato tells them “sorrry we can’t help you” but it might be worth a shot.

If you haven’t already opened a support ticket do so here --> http://enva.to/Help
Your card will not have been charged. If there is a charge, it will be an authorization and will reverse in a few days.

That’s the way I am

Please open a Help ticket. Our Help Team will be happy to help.

I’m locking this thread because we are unable to provide account support via the forums. Only through a Help Ticket.