Locked out of my account - how long will it take to Fix

I can sign in here but can’t sign in to buy something says my account is locked out I have already contacted CS yesterday got a reply back late last night saying they are assigning it to one of their level 3 teams.

How long does it take to unlock an account? I’ve done nothing but buy a couple things so why the lock out?

This is frustrating as I wanted to work on something this weekend when I had time but now unless the account can get unlocked within the next hour or so I wont have the time

you guys need to add a way to purchase item without having to sign in

I have raised many tickets too and yet my account remains locked.

  1. 296972
  2. 301249
  3. 305770

All of them for the same issue and in return i just get 2 mails, 1 is an auto respond which comes immediately and the other is from the staff which says it has been forwarded to the appropriate staff. I guess you can forget about getting you account unlocked.