Locked Out of My 8-Year Envato Account - Need Urgent Assistance

Hello Envato Community,

I am reaching out to seek urgent help regarding my Envato Market account, which has been locked. I have been a loyal customer for the past 8 years, during which time I have made numerous purchases that are crucial to my work and clients. Unfortunately, despite opening several support tickets, I have only received responses stating that they are not obligated to provide detailed explanations for the account lock.

This situation has put me in a very difficult position as I can no longer access the files I have purchased. Additionally, I am unable to update licensed themes for my clients, which affects their websites’ functionality and security. Some themes were purchased directly from specific authors via my Envato account, and now I cannot contact these authors either.

I kindly ask for your assistance in understanding why my account was locked and to find a resolution that allows me to regain access to my purchased files. This issue has created significant hardship for me, and I am hoping the community or support team can provide some guidance or assistance in resolving this matter.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Best regards,

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Unfortunately no one in the forums will be able to help with this.

Only support are able to look at the circumstances or help resolve it.


Have you created a ticket at the support section already?

It’s probably due to changing of the credit card or payment methods, I believe the support could restore your account considering your purchase history.

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