Locked Out For Days NO RESPONSE From Support

I I’ve been a customer for nearly a decade buying themes needle drop music, clips etc… I decided to try a subscription “envato elements” for 33.00 with the caveat I can cancel within I believe it was 15 days. I tried it, didn’t like it and cancelled. Got a confirmation of cancellation yet still got charged. Contacted envato and nothing so I opened a ticket with the credit card company to back the charge out. They did and all was fine until… LOCKED OUT. I again reached out to envato to get this resolved. They told me I still owed the money and wouldn’t honor the cancellation. I figured I need to buy more items so I paid the 33.00 again to their paypal account manually and send copies to everything to support. 3 days later NOTHING. It’s like my account is being held for ransom which I already paid and they still didn’t fulfill their end of the deal. This sucks. Someone better un-screw this now or I’m gone for good

Forgot To Mention***
Bought a new theme just prior to being LOCKED OUT and cannot activate it’s functionality yet they have my $$$
That really sucks

What really sucks is that no one from Envato team has so far (17 days) bothered to reply to your post here at the forum…

I’ve never heard of envato officially offering refunds if buyers are not happy with the subscription so can’t comment on that.

Accounts being blocked following chargebacks is in the T&Cs and to prevent fraud. Resolving this can be delayed by the payment gateway as much as envato.

It sounds like the main support is a better option than elements support, if this is still not resolved.