(Locked) How to use Redux Framework?

Hey there!

I just came across an amazing options framework, Redux. Those guys are doing a wonderful job.

I checked their documentation and installed the framework inside my theme. But still can’t find how I can call those option fields into my theme? Like if the theme buyer selects a color from the color field, it reflects in the stylesheet.

Is it similar to Advanced custom fields? Like I just call <?php the_field('metabox'); ?>


From the Wiki here

<?php $options = get_option('opt_name'); ?>

The Wiki has a lot of tutorials and stuff to help you
Gareth_Gillman said

From the Wiki here

<?php $options = get_option('opt_name'); ?>

The Wiki has a lot of tutorials and stuff to help you
Thanks! :)

Lead dev of Redux here. Our issue tracker is the best place to get this info. To get your data, use the global variable instead. Say your opt_name was opt_name, then you can just use $opt_name.

Easiest way is to use $GLOBALS[‘opt_name’].

Hop over to our issue tracker: https://github.com/ReduxFramework/ReduxFramework/issues

Redux is an absolutely amazing framework! We use it in all our themes. If you have any questions just give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help. Once you get the hang of it is so easy to use and extend.

This system can share all the settings for one of the function codes?

Because the assets, liabilities, color settings - google font settings for the need to write code which I do not know php could not find the document I am requesting your help.

Thank you.

@GokhanKara - You can use the Redux variable even in functions.php to use anywhere in your code. It just works. :wink:

And if you need/want more power check our extensions: http://reduxframework.com/extensions

I have a issue with logo, can you help me?

First read here: https://github.com/ReduxFramework/redux-framework/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

Then post your config and the required information in a ticket here:

This is not a proper place for Redux support. :wink:

I opened a ticket but someone in the theme closed and my problem remains unresolved with logo …

Well open another and be more specific. I am sorry though, we can’t teach you PHP. The docs are pretty solid if you have a basic PHP understanding. It’s no different than using any framework…