(Locked) How to change front page on Brooklyn theme?

I am a newbie here. Can someone tell me how to change the front page on Brooklyn theme?

Hey there!

If you’ve already had a chance to read through the documentation (which usually covers basic requests such as the one you have here), and still haven’t found a solution, please contact the author as per instructions found here

Thank you.

No. I can’t find a solution.

It keeps showing the ‘This is Your front page’ Welcome to Brooklyn

Hello, I have this same problem.

Trying to put a fullscreen background video, but I’ve been trying for hours now,
and the front page just stays the same.

Can’t find that text “this is your front page. welcome to brooklyn” so that I can change it anywhere either.

Help would be greatly appreciated!!



Hello. Have you tried clicking on that item’s support tab? It can be found in the link Contrastblack posted above.

Please follow the instructions provided in the link above to interact directly with the author, where they may be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks!