(Locked) How do I receive a refund for an item I purchased?

I purchased the Zoom video gallery http://codecanyon.net/item/video-gallery-wordpress-plugin-w-youtube-vimeo-/157782

After installing - It’s broken and everything is completely messed up on the back end. After reading the comments it seems other people are having issues. I’m on a tight overhead with a project and am disappointed I purchased this item.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried contacting the Author?

||+534296|Graphic-Studio said-|| Have you tried contacting the Author?

Ya no response…

ace2296 said
||+534296|Graphic-Studio said-|| Have you tried contacting the Author?

Ya no response…

Normally, Authors are not required to supply support.

Perhaps, the Author will contact you soon - it’s in his/her best interest.

Hope all can be fixed for you.

Hi ace2296,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your purchase. In case you haven’t already, be sure to post your questions in the author’s support forum: http://digitalzoomstudio.net/support/

Also, there seem to be a lot of FAQs on the product page, not sure if those would be useful (some of them seem to explain potential errors).

If they aren’t able to resolve the issues, you can contact Envato support here: http://themeforest.net/support . They will investigate, and if they find the plugin is broken/not working as described, they will provide a refund.

I did notice that the plugin is only listed as compatible with WordPress 3.0 - 3.2. I wonder if the issue is WordPress 3.3?

Best of luck with your project!


Hi ace2296,

Sorry, I had some personal problems the last months so I was unable to attend support and my support colleague does not handle that gallery. I am back online now. Sent you a mail so we can sort it out.


You have a nice badge, Zoomit :smiley:

Great to see this getting resolved. Moved to item discussions.

Hey, i’ve bought this ‘Secure file Manager’ but it does not work correctly. The seller even has it own facebook page, where i have tried to contact, and via email and via the sellers ticket system and still no luck. I don’t like it , because i bought the script a week ago and i still can’t get it to work. i’ve seen many people have the same problem, and hes still not responsing any of them, and they asked him for a month ago… I hope there will be a refund way though, i wasted my money.

I have purchased masterslider and didnt find a solution to activate it. I have asked the author, codecanyon support, themeforest support, but till now I didnt get a proper response to fix this. Also I have applied for a refund, but no response. Please tell me what to do. I have purchased a good item with very very very poor support.

refund system is very bad no response from any seller. i also purchased the script and its having bug. bad luck i will never referral anyone to purchase script from evanto group.

Hello there,

I’ve been facing a lot of problems with a lot of plugins and add-ons for some items. The Author is refusing to update the plugins and add-ons and some of them are already un-updated and bought them as they was saying it was for the latest version on their description.

It’s not only 1 author there’s 3 different authors. I’m not the only one complaining there’s a lot of other users but they don’t know where to go.

So where can I go and request full refund?!

Any help would be appreciated.


Ioannis Antypas.