(Locked) Headphones hurt my ears... any solutions?

I’ve recently bought some Audio-Chi headphones, the sound quality is great, but the only problem is, that after about 40 minutes, my ears start aching. Not my actual eardrum, but the exterior of my ear.

Is there anything I can do? It’s causing me real pain for something which I do quite often…

I have some headphones that do the same thing, you get used to it.

Alternatively, get some ear buds. I use these http://cache.gizmodo.com/images/2006/07/cx300.jpg

Headphones are not really the best thing to use anyway.

You don’t have real control over volume, you might damage your hearing too. But your problem seems to be of other nature, maybe your headphones are too tight.

As a general solution, limit your headphones usage.

As Aaron_Osteraas said, your best option is to get new earbuds, I suggest looking around on amazon or ebay or something. Or on the other hand, you can look for other headphones. I personally prefer over the ear more than in ear because they dont kill your ears. You should look into it.

Hello Oinkk

I know exactly what you mean, had the same problem when i used my headphones for more than 30minutes. After a few suggestions from friends who work at the studio quite often with headphones, i ended up buying the AKG K701. Its a realy fantastic thing, soundwise and also comfortable. I wear it sometimes for more then 2 hours and had never problems with aching or pain.

Sure, you dont want to buy another one since you just bought a Audio-Chi… just if you have to find a solution that works for you and your ears, give the AKG a try.

Greetings and have a nice NYE


p.s. you can see a pic of my AKG701 on my profile :slight_smile:

I use headphones for hours a day and no problems, for years.

Of course I use the best, Sony MDR-7506; get from bhpphotovideo.com or amazon, look at all these great 130+ reviews: