(Locked) Hacked account! Please be aware!

I am writing this to inform other authors and users.
Our VideoHive account got hacked today. And items were purchased by the hacker until there was left 2 $ on our account. It happened today during 1 hour and as soon as we noticed naturally we changed password. Fortunately no items in our own portfolio were deleted, we are authors and that is the most important thing.
Please be aware, I have placed a support ticket to Envato but until they answer, we have no idea how this could happened and through what channel. I suppose they don’t know it either.
It could be a good thing to change your password just in case. The weird thing is that we could access our coount with the old password, nothing had been changed, so the hacker must have got our password open.

Scary! Thanks for warning…

Hi JuicyHats, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Rest assured that support will be getting in touch with you shortly. In the future however, we kindly ask that any/all account security related issues, be reported exclusively via our support channels. Thanks once again for your patience and understanding.