(Locked) Carpool or RideShare

I looked everywhere but find not a single decent script.

I want to start a site for carpool or ride sharing service in my city.

I think whoever made a good thing will get alot of sales… think how many people like me will be interested in starting this service in their city?

I’d buy a plugin for carpooling / ridesharing as well. Please, develop it!

let me know if this is a go, because i need something of the same feature. perhaps, we can poll resources to get this done

pls let me know too! interested with this kind of theme!

Hi Guys,

I am very much interested to develop such kind of script. If you could share your features list which you want to implement, that would be really helpful.

You can contact me on nitin33singh[at]gmail.com.


I am also looking for a solution carpool.

Did you find templates, plugins?

hey guys, any news on this? Im looking for a plugin/theme as well.

Nothing here yet. If you find any alternative please let me know!


Hi boys there is a nice simple carpooling script in a http://blueecode.com/ .