(Locked) Avada Theme Sidebar bug? Setting? PEBKAC?

Hi there,
I’m trying to get the sidebar in the Avada theme to move from the right to the left. I’ve updated the theme options, but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do I work around it?
Thanks very much!


Did you tried to contact the theme support?


Ah. Yes, well, that was what I thought I was doing here…
If someone were looking for theme support, where would one look?

Hey there Blueprint!

I’m Mel, and I’ll gladly take care of your problem in our official free support forum over at http://theme-fusion.com/ – feel free to register there and open a thread, I’ll be replying as soon as I get to it!
As a quick tipp: the theme options only affect new posts and pages you will create from the time you set the option. You can however set any sidebar position individually right inside the post or page edit view as well. If you need more information and also for future requests, I’ll see you in the forum :slight_smile:

All the best,

Mel | ThemeFusion support staff

Thanks DunKz!
Mods, I’d appreciate if you could close this thread so we can keep on in the support forum :slight_smile: Thanks!