Locked Account

I know there’s been talk around locked accounts. I have an annual subscription, with a locked account. Just a couple days in and approaching a deadline so this is time sensitive. However, without email notification, my account was locked and I find this incredibly frustrating because it doesn’t seem like the Help Center is ever timely from the posts in this forum. What exactly am I paying for when my account is locked? Am i paying for my own work stoppage because that’s what it seems like. For a company that doesn’t like to refund, they surely don’t like to service the clients either. With all that being said, my real question is how long have you all waited for a response on average. They say 2-3 days, but i have hear stories of weeks and I need to know if I should just move on from envato for the immediate future because I can’t afford to wait too long.


Get in touch with envato elements help center they would like to assist you.


Already have twice with no response so…

keep patience until their reply only they can solved your issue.

My account is also locked. How much time we should submit the request. This is 10th time i am submitting this request. Why there is worst support of such a large platform. JUST OPEN MY ACCOUNT ASAP.