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Why does Envato lock new members’ accounts? Is there a logical explanation for this? You are trying to sell a product, but we cannot log in to our account to purchase the product. Can you give a logical explanation?

I opened a new membership with a different account to try it. I still couldn’t buy the theme I wanted because my account was locked. Isn’t this very illogical? What is your purpose? Selling products or keeping people busy? Right now, although I should have downloaded and installed that theme, I am waiting idly because of a ridiculous application of Envato.

The vast majority of new accounts complete their first transactions successfully. If you find that your account has been locked, it means the system flagged your account, and you will need to open a Help ticket for further review.

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Thanks for the answer;

I have 3 new accounts and envato locked all 3 of my accounts. When I enter my card information to complete my order, I receive a message that your account has been locked. I don’t know how many new accounts I will create. I asked for support but I can’t wait 7 days. Isn’t this ridiculous?

I completely understand the frustration – I’ve been there before, with other online services. But unfortunately, creating new accounts will not change the outcome or help your case. You will need to wait for support to review your account and get back to you.

es, you are right. I tried with my Apple, Facebook, and Google accounts. My account is locked immediately after the payment screen. This probably won’t happen with Envato. I will look for another alternative way. Thanks for the answer.

I have never seen such ridiculous purchasing security. Our first purchase has been completed. However, they lock the account without receiving any notification about whether the transaction was made or the payment was withdrawn. The reason is security. People also want to try it from different accounts and naturally they are locked in those accounts. We created an order for a product through 4 new accounts. The reason is Envato’s so-called security procedure. If a transaction involves a card and the payment is successful, a message should appear on the screen. You can write a message or an explanation such as the payment is successful, now we are locking your account for security. Your account is locked without any warning. But we took your money. I have never seen such a ridiculous policy.

They locked me and another post out as well. We’ve been informed that we’re permanently banned after simply trying to make a purchase. It’s bad customer service. Legit business since 1970 and a 9 year old account.

Absolutely I agree. Envato is a company that makes money off the backs of others. It calls itself a community, but it’s actually nothing without its customers and developers. It depends on the current mood of the customer representative looking at your e-mail. They close accounts arbitrarily, in my opinion and in their own minds. I’m so sorry, it’s really ridiculous that they closed a 9-year-old account. An alternative site to Envato should definitely be created. I’m sure he will lose millions of customers because of these ridiculous policies.