Locating Appropriate Theme to Purchase

Hi. I am having trouble locating the appropriate theme to purchase for what we need it to do. I cannot find a place to ask this in a community whereas the most people can see it so am hoping you can help:

I am looking for a theme where I can create the following:

The front page will have a graphical header we create. Underneath that will be 3 options to click on – a login, a donate and an informational. Beneath that will be our mission statement, and then a graphical footer that we can create again.

Once a person becomes a member and can enter the site, we would like to have a structure of some 16 or so options, all where we can put small pictures on the site that they click on to enter. The site will either allow them in or deny them based upon their security that we can assign each member.

Within each of these subsections will be additional subsections that can we setup.

We also will need some forums and some chat options – one of the images on the 2nd page could be CHATS and one could be FORUMS, each having multiple chats/forums within.

Can anyone recommend a theme to begin with to start getting this setup? Additionally, what other modules (widgets?) will be needed for the security functionality, item specific forums, chats, etc?

Thank you.

You can do that with almost any modern WP theme. There are plenty of 3rd party plugins you can use for chat and forums functionality. But this members functionality will almost certainly require some custom coding.
You 100% won’t find a theme which will do all that right out of the box though. If you don’t have some solid experience building a WP based site, then you will need a help of a developer to pull this off. But as for the base theme, any multipurpose theme from the best selling list will do.