Locating an AE sample

Hi folks. I flagged and downloaded an example reel a long time ago, and now I want to purchase it. But upon viewing mp4, the reel has no identifiable name for that specific product. I tried searching the mp4 file name (which is just a number), but that didn’t work either. Given the thousands of examples in the library, so far I’ve not had any success in finding it. Is there a way to decrypt what this project is based on the reel? I’ve included some screen shots from the reel…

Hi @michaelmoritzmedia

Here it is the project you are looking for.


Phwaooor! @yeremia = Sherlock Holmes :male_detective:

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Excellent - thank you so much! Strange how the demo reel for it doesn’t show the name of the project. Stranger yet how there are at at least 21 projects named Simple Slideshow. Anyway, thanks again…

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