localhost/worpress/wp-admin/ error: "this page is not available"

Before i’ve already buy theme in themeforest.net and i’ve already install in my local computer. For the first time all item or my worpress website is running good. My problems is when i turn off my PC and turn on again and i want to start again my task with the same path as before “localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/” i have problem “this page is not availble”. Anyone help me to solves this problem?

Thank you

Sounds like you’re using WAMP or XAMP or something? Tried restarting that?

i am using XAMPP…now i try to make or reinstall new wordpress and try to use others theme (free theme in wordpress) and everything running ok. althought i turn off my pc and then turn on again theres no a problem. So, maybe theres a problem with the theme that i’ve already buy and install before? or theres a setting that may i don’t know?

Thank you

Hi, Did you solve this probelm. I am facing same problem too.