Local development before deployment... 2 activations with same code ?


I want to develop my website locally before to deploy it on server. however, in order to develop it, some plugins are required… among these plugins, some need that I activate the theme with the activation code… but if I activate the theme now on my computer, could I activate the final website once deployed on server?

Indeed, if activate my theme on my home computer, should I do it again on the server final website ?
How can I get the demo and plugins if I cannot activate it locally ?


You shouldn’t need to activate anything for it to work.

Note: With bundled plugins you can’t activate these at any point for auto updates etc. they will still work as needed

Well, for example, the theme says that plugin “TheGem Theme Elements” is required… but when I try to install it, it says that I need to activate the theme…

ok, authors answered me… activation is OK if only one demain uses it in same time. as it’s for development no worry.