Hello, I am using the Trax - One page template but I have problems with the HTML and coding for a LOAD MORE button. It appears on the website but nothing happens when you click on it.

I want that when you click, 6 more products appear below the ones that already appear.


You can contact the template author about that:

Solution 1:
For that you need a database to have stored data about the additional elements/images which need to be added when you click on Load More. So, you click on Load More, read the data from database and insert it bellow the exiting items.

Solution 2:
Another solution is to have a “fake load more” - you can add all items there on the html page and set just for first 6 to be visible (all other items to be hidden - display:none). And when you click on Load More set some custom class on next 6 items and make them visible (and yes, you will need some JS code to add).

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