LMS without the bells and whistles

Wondering if someone can advise me on a LMS wordpress theme that uses a free course offering system no e commerce, duration options, has a clean UX, and can display graphical results for administrators. Many of the demos say one in thing but don’t deliver on other fronts, and they are not easy to evaluate as they don’t have separate logins for instructors and users. Clever Course is about the closest I’ve found to date, but you can’t unlink the payment from theme so I’m after a no payment version in that vein.

You can try with this plugin

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Hey Zaccc
thanks for that, Sensei clears the air for me , I saw it integrated into a couple of themes and it looked really over the top the way it was done, seeing it as a plugin like that not gives it context

Hey, how are you. Not sure if you managed to find a good wordpress LMS without the bells and whistles? However, I think we managed to develop just what you are looking for, have a look at my plugin here: https://codecanyon.net/item/edivently-lms/20814442

You can play around with it here: demo.edivently.com

Your feedback will be much aprpeciated.