Live previews now support HTTPS if the author origin supports it


Cheers mate! I truly hope you guys get rid of this relic, or at least provide some sort of support for authors that need a custom solution to make proper sales. It would really be a shame to loose one of the most if not the most valuable marketing solution for showcasing multiple items!

By the way! Any chance to get a clear cache for only 1 image in the item description? That system was again amazing, so sad to see it gone …


@lukemeehan, @rosssimpson, any news on this guys? :slight_smile:


If you serve your image via a secure connection it doesn’t get cached.

So using => =>



I hope once in this lifetime we will meet. For this piece of information, choose your vice. Pizza or Whiskey! I’m filling you up! :smiley: Thanks a million mate! I used this so much and it was a brilliant marketing technique that was missing! THANK YOU!! :smiley:


Ha, I’ll keep this post bookmarked for sure! And I may choose Whiskey over Pizza :smiley:


I’m 100% up to my word on this! I’ll take both of them! And I’ll share my pizza as well, haha! :smiley: Thanks again mate! You’re awesome! :slight_smile: :fist_right::fist_left:


The full announcement doc does mention this :smile: Rollout of HTTPS proxy for author hosted imagery (specifically called out in Rollout of HTTPS proxy for author hosted imagery)


Oh well! :smile: When this was announced I remember asking and the short answer was eveyrthing gets cached in a CDN and there is no way to clear that cache! Oh well, better late to the party then never there! This is great to know is still possible!

Cheers guys!


Please consider adding GA tracking links for cross domain tracking as explained here


Guys, I noticed that more than 50% of authors themes here are not working on Chrome because of https in preview frame since most of authors theme sites are in http. Anyone got the same issue?


If the author preview is only HTTP, HTTPS via the iframe will not work. We base the decision of whether to serve it HTTP or HTTPS off the item demo URL so I’d recommend going via the item overview page to access the correct version of the page.


I don’t quite understand. For example look at most recent theme here

They have for demo URL with no iframe there. But it doesn’t work. Am I missing something?


I’ve taken a look at the top 10 there and all of them are working as intended (including the one you mentioned). I’d recommend opening a support ticket and we’ll continue the conversation there as to what is going on with your particular issue.



I tested further more on other devices and they are working.

I found the reason of issue. Basically will determine if theme’s demo is http or https right?

I seems like for me and other customers who visited themeforest regularly, Chrome cached this preview site to https (in my case) so all theme’s demo which has http won’t work on my end.

So I have to clear all Chrome cache and restart browser to make it’s working correctly.

Not sure, if this should be added to somewhere to prevent some customers from confusing and leaving site.


Still hoping for the removal of the Envato header bar or a better solution to it. As Chrome evolves to kill of redirects completely (from their blog, they stated as this is the ultimate goal) what will happen to us then? Please don’t put the Envato Header bar on some pedestal up high and everyone has to bend around it even if it means killing sales…some authors with multiple items heavily rely on an Item Switcher to market their other products, please come up with a solution for this guys… it’s imperative for everyone!


Hi @Enabled,

Thanks for all your feedback on this issue so far. Our product folks have noted all the concerns listed here (raised by you and others), and are working with our Author Success team to do a bit more user research. Once they’ve made a decision about it, rest assured that that decision will be communicated back to all authors. I can’t tell you when that will be, but it’s not an immediate thing.

Thanks for your continued patience while we find the best solution we can!


In the meantime, I’m going to close this thread. As you can see above other folks are starting to chime in and it’s getting a bit off-topic.

Thanks for your feedback everyone!