Live previews moving to subdomains

Hi there!

Just wanting to give everyone a heads up that later on today we will be moving all the item previews for and to a subdomain on their respective domains. This is a part of a larger (and very exciting!) body of work that will be announced in the near future. To ensure we don’t break existing links to item previews, we will be redirecting all requests to their new location and authors do not need to worry about missing out on traffic due to the move. For example, Avada’s live preview URL used to be:

However, it will now be:

Please let me know if you have any questions!


Maybe you can improve the url as well too:


@jacobbednarz Great. Why mention preview two times?

Instead of this

Why not this

We are aiming to leave the URL structure in place as is since there are other factors here (like SEO) that we don’t really want to be impacting with this change.

@jacobbednarz What about 301 redirects. SEO shouldn’t be a problem.