Live from our dreams

Not a single sale in March at the moment.
Since I started in January 2015, my evolution has been very timid but constant.
81 sales in 2015.
231 in 2016.
272 in 2017.
44 sales so far this year.
However, for some time now my efforts are not proportional to my benefits and expectations.
Waiting for the approval of 4 items, if these are approved I would exceed 200 Audiojungle files exclusively.
I have tried my luck in other places as not exclusive, but none of them has worked for me.
I have invested in making myself my web space, my YouTube channel, facebook and other networks such as google plus etc …
I have also tried to learn some SEO by myself without much success, since it is a task that escapes my hands.
I have also experimented by my own means with some other email marketing campaign offering my products and services to my LinkedIn contacts.
I have tried many things for myself but without achieving that “jump” that I have always sought.
I also woke up many times to pick up the phone and speak directly with dozens of producers to offer a more artisan work beyond the “canned music”.
Everyone seems to have a good predisposition but the months go by and you feel that you are still stuck and that this does not finish.
A lot of work done and hope to dedicate to this completely that is diluting every day a little more while your family looks at you with condescension
to tell you that “we already told you that you could not live from this”.
And meanwhile the reality that runs on the other hand and they call you to make a tele operator face the public by offering telephone services throughout the day …
Tomorrow I will go to that interview.
Meanwhile, I will try to continue with my dreams in the way that I can …
Good luck to all of you guys


Hey! Don’t give up!
It’s very difficult and sometimes frustrating to do this work, but we love it and we have to do it!
Everyday I try to improve myself by making new songs and listening a lot of music.
I’m sure that the secret is perseverance!


Thank you Liosound for your pleasant comment!
I have never given up, but reality runs the other way, and I do not think I can hold it that long.
In fact, I’m forced to do interviews for jobs that have nothing to do with music production.
I would love that at least I could combine them with the task of continuing to create, but I think that at the moment I can not choose …
It’s hard

Hi Realitybeats. Unfortunately I think this is the way it is for the majority of authors. I notice you and I have similar performance on AJ. I have been gaining ground in other sites, but it’s been a slow process as well. For most of us, this business has to be a secondary income source. That’s just how it stacks up - it certainly is in my case. If you get a big hit or two, which we all dream of AND is entirely possible, then it might enable you to focus on a full-time RF Production business. Until then, bills have to be paid and family comes first. In the long run, securing your home life is the priority. You will all be happier for it. Good luck my friend!


I understand you. And it´s really sad read that.
It´s really frustrating listen tracks here, and always the same track, the same template, etc, etc…
It´s miscouraging, you got a nice portfolio, it´s not fair.


Hey realitybeats,

The sad truth is that making a sustainable living from AJ is practically impossible. Financial security simply has to come first at some point in life. But, don’t give up on making music mate! Seeing things for what they are does not mean giving up a dream - not if that dream was a myth in the first place. You can always come back a write that super hit once you are sitting pretty in a decent job. Good luck to you!

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Thank you very much MidnightSnap!
It’s true, I see that our progression is similar :slight_smile:
If it’s not too much to ask, could you tell me where other sites have done well?
My best wishes

Thanks Manriquedelara!

Yes, the truth is that I worked hard, but we must continue

Thanks FirstNote!

It is encouraging to read this.
The truth is that I am fully aware that this is complicated.
Maybe I was referring to what I dream of things flowing a little better, also in personal projects.
Maybe I have put a lot of effort into this happening and one sometimes loses his temper when he feels far from his dreams.
At the same time, it is also true that being in a place as competent as this is already an achievement in itself.
Thanks once again

Hello RealityBites,
I understand perfectly how you feel. I think that the professional career of a musician is very different from the rest of other professional orientations.

In other professions you invest a few years of university, master, training with a certain security that by reaching a degree you can have the rest of your life in exchange. In the case of music, it is a path full of uncertainties, long and hard for many reasons.

In any case, I want to congratulate you on your portfolio, since producing so much good music has an extraordinary merit that only achieved for few people. :trophy:
Audiojungle is being a gateway for many of us to open up to this new world of internet and be able to sell our work but it may also serve as a shuttle to other bigger opportunities.

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Just don’t give up.
Keep writing new tracks.
You’ll never know what will happen.

Good Luck


Hey man, I understand you very well indeed! After 25 years being a professional musician, now it’s been a couple of years that I work as a driver in a company (two kids at home waiting for milk…) and for sure it is very frustrating in the age of 45!
I don’t focus on selling production music and didn’t get it that serious (only 25 tracks as non-exclusive here the last two years with just 60 sales) but I think that if you produce music that is for sale, sale it everywhere!
Some of my rejected tracks here got a TV placements in other sites and had two custom major jobs from companies that found me in other places.
Maybe I was lucky, but luck goes to whom they looking for it…
Wish you the best!


Never Give Up!
I’m 29 years old, two years of making stock music, also I’m a music teacher in a school just for four hours a day. I think thats a good way to improve our stock marketplace and not being frustrated, having a job that not requires a lot of time for invest more hours producing stock music.
Anyway, perseverance and take a look constantly to the music trends I think it’s the key of success.

Good luck!

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