Live demo not accessible

Hello guys, I’m new here and already in trouble :grin: I tried to upload my html banners and got soft rejected from codecanyon. They say β€˜β€™ Live demo not accessible. Afull review cannot be preformed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit. β€˜β€™ My question is do I need my own hosting or there is some other place when I can post for live demo? How did you guys solve this?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


You need your own hosting to host your files. There are free hostings too but I don’t suggest them because your files will end up shared on the internet :slight_smile:

Same problem with me.
I have hosted my file to my own server. And it is accessible to me, to, to
I have added http:// .com too.
So what’s the problem ? Can you help me ?

post the demo link here

Here the demo link

Here the demo link Please check this.

Works fine for us (UK) but it needs work before it will be approved esp on mobile and hover captions in particular circular image captions

Yes there may some problem on mobile. If I fix this issue, then can I resubmit this ? As the Quality team reviewer says LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE.

If they have not seen the demo then yes (but the whole experience needs improving as well rather than just a page with some pictures and effects)

Check your hosting does not have any restrictions set on it.

Could the demo have been down temporarily?

No, my hosting does not have any restriction set on it & there is no any possibility to down temporarily.

Hey, I have the same problem, can anyone check my demo URL?

It seems X Frames issue. The X-Frame-Options HTTP response header can be used to indicate whether or not a browser should be allowed to render a page in a frame, iframe or object . Sites can use this to avoid clickjacking attacks, by ensuring that their content is not embedded into other sites. You should disable the X Frames in server configuration.

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several of the budget hosts don’t allow for this to be turned off - one of the several reasons why they are no good for items here.