Live demo not accessable - soft rejection


I got this soft rejection for 2 different times, for the link below, which is accessable for me:

This is the only remaining soft rejection reason for now.

Would the last char “/” be the problem? I don’t know how I can proceed on this problem.

OK, They rejected again with the same reason, even the demo is up and running.

There is something serious here. May I get a reply from a moderator, what’s going on?

Can we please see the exact rejection message, the one from your email?
Maybe there is secret meaning on there :slight_smile:

Thank you.

OK, here is the soft-reject reason:

1. LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit.

I finally changed the demo link as follows and re-submitted…but not sure if it will help: