Little Rhodes melody .... no chance?

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Merry Christmas to all who celecrate this event! :smiley:

I need some feedback from you because one of my tracks got hard rejected. You may listen to this track on soundcloud:

I know this is a short and simple track but I’m doing short and simple tracks usually (with acoustic piano) so I think this couldn’t be the problem. I could turn the quantization to 100 % and adjust the velocity a bit but I don’t really know where the problem with this track is exactly? Perhaps someone can give me some feeback … thanks!

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For me, the pong pong effect was an issue and other overall sound was too mellow, lacking any sort of dynamics. But, there’s a much bigger problem.

The song itself could easily work as a fully produced song, but as is, it sounds more like an idea in progress than a finished product. I didn’t have a problem hearing a produced arrangement in my head, which for me, indicates that the song itself isn’t a bad one. In fact, I can hear it produced several ways. Also, I would add a bridge and to decrease the sense of repetition, I’d create a building arrangement. Perhaps it would start very minimal, gradually build to a point where you’d almost reach a climax, then relax, followed by a climactic chorus that gradually returns to something similar to the intro. Play around with the sections and a bridge, and what would build versus what would pull back. But, that’s on you…

I don’t have an examples of anything I composed myself to refer your to as I haven’t written in this style. So, to get an idea of how I might approach this one if I were to arrange it, check out a composer named James Everingham on Soundcloud. He’s very good at the type of production I talked about above. Check out this playlist, especially the songs “Leviathan”, “Apollo”, “Gust” and “Atlas” in relation to your song. His whole [profile](( is excellent in terms of both material and production.

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